About Me

I am a Teachers’ College graduate with a M.A who tutors and is trying, like so many, to find employment in an Ontario school board. I have a passion for tutoring and writing, and work with a variety of age groups (from JK all the way to 50+ ESL learners). I have been tutoring for about 3 years now and have worked in the following areas:

  • elementary math / English
  • High School English, social science
  • ESL – IELTS test and CELPIP (reading, writing. listening & speaking) preparation
  • children with learning disabilities (autism, ADHD and others)
  • online course modules, such as ILC
  • College and University tutoring and essay / assignment help

While I continue to look for meaningful, full-time employment, I am ready to take on new customers. Thank you for reading. Please give me a call at (647) 550 – 8700.

If you found this flyer, then I’m not far away.

Building Further… We Are All Successful

With the growing difficulties (near impossibility) of obtaining even marginal occasional work with TDSB — or most other boards, for that matter — my thoughts have focused on expanding this business and perhaps moving to another city for employment. It is very easy in this society to become disheartened.

A revelation came to me that instead of feeling depressed because of the current teaching situation, I need to take the wonderful opportunities (the number of satisfied customers has been astounding) the education ‘business’ has to offer and build on what works. Not all have been as lucky as I have…what started as simple flyers has now essentially turned into a full-time business, generating enough income to allow me to sustain myself independently. I can only imagine what moving further into the depths will produce, shedding a light on new ventures, meeting new people, etc… instead of focusing on what one doesn’t have, one needs to realize that life is an ever-changing, dynamic process, where the predictability of outcomes is flimsy. 

I come out of this with a message to all of those who have completed degrees but did not feel they got anything out of it… we are all successful. But success isn’t measured by reaching some well-secured, pensioned and benefited government ‘golden’ gig. It is measured by what we, as human beings, can creatively construct to provide our lives with meaning and to make a difference in the world. Whether I get into a school board or not, I will still try to be happy with the way things are currently going.

What I Specialize in…

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I am a certified teacher who has been teaching / tutoring for 3+ years now, working with the young and old alike in a variety of subjects. I specialize mostly in language-based learning, such as English, arts and humanities, essay-writing and English language tests (CELPIP, IELTS, etc…). I also teach math at lower levels, between grades 1 to about grade 8, depending on how familiar I am with the material. However, if you’re looking for a grade 8 math tutor, your best bet is to find someone more experienced in the subject.

Most of the sessions are one-on-one and prices are negotiable depending on travel time, materials involved and number of hours (you get discounts if you do multiple hours). They range from $25 – $30 / hr. Apart from the tutoring itself, you will also find comprehensive feedback and an assessment of areas for improvement.

I operate primarily along the Bloor line, North and South of it.

Fishing for Words

Here is a great activity–tried and tested–that anyone can try out (whether you’re a teacher, parent or tutor). It is a hands-on activity, and can be accompanied by some kind of reward. I didn’t exactly make this one up (found it online somewhere), but I’ve added a few twists of my own.

  1. Cut out small, medium-sized and large fish out of construction paper. About 15 – 20, depending on how many words you want your child to read. The fish can include various shapes, like whales, swordfish, puffer fish, betta fish, shark, etc…
  2. Write one word on the small fish, a few more on the medium-sized ones and still a few more on the large ones. You can look for important grade 1 sight words on the following website: http://www.kidzone.ws/dolch/grade1.htm. Otherwise they are very easy to Google for any age.
  3. You can make the large fish = 5 points, medium = 3 points and small = 1 point
  4. Tape or attach paper clips to both sides of each fish. Get a long stick (i.e. a BBQ rod… don’t know what those things are called) and attach a relatively long piece of twine onto the end. At the end of that piece of twine, attach a magnet. The magnet should be strong (heads up — dollar store magnet crafts tape won’t do the job). Better to pick something off of the fridge.
  5. Put all of the fish down and let the child ‘catch’ them by picking them up slowly with their ‘fishing rods.’
  6. Reading: the child should read all of the words on each fish, and once the words are read, the points are given.

Image result for magnet word fish

An additional feature you could provide would be a little ‘boat’ where the child / student could collect their fish. For example, something like this:

Image result for paper boat

This activity is great for hands-on learners. One of my students was quite talented (probably even better than me) at getting the fish out!